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The Kappa In Japanese Folklore

  • Kappas are legendary creatures that inhabit the rivers and waterways of Japan. They have beaked noses, shells on their back and a depression on their heads that holds water. Kappa are mischievous troublemakers. Their pranks range from the relatively innocent, such as loudly passing gas or looking up women's kimonos, to the more troublesome such as drowning swimmers and eating children. They feed on their victims by sucking their liver though their anus. They love cucumbers and if you write your name on a cucumber and throw it in the river, the kappa may be appeased by your gift and allow you to swim in peace.

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January 28, 2008



Wow! I have gotten so behind in my blog reading/responding. I really appreciated your offer of a box exchange. My longings for tastes from back home and childhood are just part of the expat life. I could get these things here in Japan through internet shops or I could get a relative/friend state side to ship them to me--what happens though is after about the first 5 years of asking for "this" and "that" from home one starts to feel like such a giant useless leech! I tell myself all the time, "bloom where you are planted." And for the most part I do love Japansese food--but occassionally I can't help myself from whinning after the tastes and smells of my life before Japan. So thank you for the offer, not needed right now, but in the future it might be fun to do some kind of box exchange!

I absolutely love this little spring outfit by the way! How adorable.



This is just soooooo beautiful, I love it!!!!


Wow, nice save!! I think a couple of my nieces need something like that. :p Which Ottobre was that, again?? :D


That pinafore is absolutely precious! Wish I had someone in that size. :)

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