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The Kappa In Japanese Folklore

  • Kappas are legendary creatures that inhabit the rivers and waterways of Japan. They have beaked noses, shells on their back and a depression on their heads that holds water. Kappa are mischievous troublemakers. Their pranks range from the relatively innocent, such as loudly passing gas or looking up women's kimonos, to the more troublesome such as drowning swimmers and eating children. They feed on their victims by sucking their liver though their anus. They love cucumbers and if you write your name on a cucumber and throw it in the river, the kappa may be appeased by your gift and allow you to swim in peace.

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April 19, 2008



I'd never seen a star magnolia tree before, those flowers are beautiful! They're so big on a bare tree, I thought they were fake. But what a lot of work to tie all those fake flowers to those branches... I'm glad they're not fake.

I had no idea that your needle made that much difference! I'm going to get topstitching needles too! Just this week I was thinking that perhaps I should change my needle, after about a year of constant use. Obviously I need to pay more attention to my needles!


That cotton slip is divine.

(And, the magnolia is too).

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