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The Kappa In Japanese Folklore

  • Kappas are legendary creatures that inhabit the rivers and waterways of Japan. They have beaked noses, shells on their back and a depression on their heads that holds water. Kappa are mischievous troublemakers. Their pranks range from the relatively innocent, such as loudly passing gas or looking up women's kimonos, to the more troublesome such as drowning swimmers and eating children. They feed on their victims by sucking their liver though their anus. They love cucumbers and if you write your name on a cucumber and throw it in the river, the kappa may be appeased by your gift and allow you to swim in peace.

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April 01, 2009



Looking at the picture of the back of your house, to me it really looks like there was once a back door and some steps down to the yard. Sometimes older houses also had storeroom shelves that were vented to the outside to help keep things cooler, and once I lived in an old house that had windows in the closets. Really tiny closets, but with windows


I love the back view of the house (so different to Australian houses), very cool. Except for Ronald's room (scary!!).


Oh and thanks for telling me about Sylivanian's name change to Calio Critters - I find this very interesting and found more websites to dream over from knowing the US name!

anna kiss

Check out the Japanese garden on our street sometime - the gentleman with the trampoline has it in his front yard. Might provide some inspiration. You have plenty of room to do plenty of things. Talk to Mari too - she's the expert after all!


Okay, I was creeped out BEFORE you told me about Bad Ronald. I think I wouldn't be able rest til I ripped at least a hole to see what was in that hidden room. :p

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